Saturday, February 21, 2009

Field Trip: field recordings and soundscapes of corporeal and imagined environements

Media Arts Manila in cooperation with Green Papaya Art Projects presents

field recordings and soundscapes of corporeal and imagined environements

February 25 (Wed) 9 p.m.
Green Papaya Art Projects
41 T.Gener St cor Kamuning Road, Quezon City (near Brahma Kumaris) MAP

Media Arts Manila
Green Papaya Art Projects

The M.A.M. tour bus stops over at the Green Papaya Art Projects and ushers us through an acoustic safari of feral atmospheric fauna. Featured artists present their original phonographs, creating immersive environments through the manipulation and playback of captured ambient sounds.

autoceremony, Blend:er, Grnd Ctrl, Mark Laccay, Mannet Villariba serves us their own brand of improvised acoustic ecology.

Improvised video by Edsel Abesames and Tad Ermitaño.

This show is supported by Globe.

Edsel Abesames is a video editor / motion graphics person / director / racketeer / guitarist / poser / anime fan /overweight 32 year old / discontent drunkard.

autoceremony a.k.a. Jing Garcia sound artist and award winning music producer. He established the Children of Cathode Ray backed in 1989, one of the early experimental and sound art groups in the country. Produced several music albums for different alternative music artists in the 90s. He is currently the tech editor for The Manila Times and Speed Magazine. He also hosts a tech segment on the late evening news on TV5

BLEND:ER a.k.a. Cris Garcimo is an electronic music creator and a noise enthusiast who lives in Cavite, Philippines. He started experimenting with audio acrobatics and technoid sonic landscapes in 1999. Being included in various album anthologies like Mood Swing Theater Volume 1 (2004) released by Kittenwhip Compilation and S.A.B.A.W. Anthology of Noise, Electronic, and Experimental Music (2004), Blend:er has often collaborated with E.X.I.S.T., SABAW and Electronica Manila artists.

Tad Ermitaño is a media artist, writer and filmmaker. As far as the media art goes, he is interested in algorithmic/procedural editing and composition, new uses for the moving image and have been lately drifting into elementary robotics. His work "Quartet" was exhibited in the recently concluded International Symposium for Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Singapore.

Grnd Ctrl a.k.a Christian Martelino Concepcion, a manila based art director, experimental musician, DJ and event organizer. His breed of work roots from his propensity in the field of music and design. It is his passion for avant-garde films, art, fashion, experimental music and bizarre imagery that led him to create audible pieces as well as to do graphic design work. It wasn’t until implementing his studies of traditional fine arts and his enthusiasm with avant-garde music that began his realization of his ideas, philosophies and visions by combining dissected sound textures with rhythm, to create soundscapes that pierce images inside our minds. His currently an active band member for the ambient/experimental/industrial band "The Slave Drum", busy with his own electro industrial act "Decay Transit" and does solo performances as "Grnd Ctrl". Uses both traditional and non-traditional sound sources with using samplers, synthesizers, transducers, effects and anything he can get his hands on. Has participated in several events from various production outfits and his group called "Circa1849".

Mark Laccay is an award winning Audio Engineer who is the CEO of Sonic Logo Multimedia Inc. and a managing partner of Sweetspot Studios. He has worked as a Sound Designer for various films and is the main audio consultant for the "Dr. Jose Maceda Collection Digitization" Project. As an educator he taught audio classes at DLSU-CSB. He recently returned from the Austrian Academy of Sciences where he acquired a certificate of Audio Tape Restoration and Digital Audio Archiving.

Mannet Villariba is a performance artist, painter, sound artist, visual programmer and designer. He has been active in diverse fields of art and design - including research and development. Yielding the outputs of sounds, images, and light through analyzing and transforming the numerical values gained from various sensors and input devices, he is a visual artist pursuing sensual peculiarity and interaction.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Featuring sound artists:

Aurora Borealis vs. Joee Mejias of Stormy

Blend:er vs. Ugong vs. Mark Zero

Nyabinghi vs. Inconnu Ictu


Down Boy Down


video art by:

Mannet Villariba




February 10, 2009
9:00 PM
Mag:net Cafe Katips, 335 Katipunan Avenue Loyola Heights Quezon City, Philippines